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There’s nothing quite like carpet

When it’s time for a new floor covering, it’s true the options are wide and varied. However, only one choice can be called soft surface flooring, and that is carpet. As the only flooring of its kind, you can rest assured that it has some very authentic characteristics, not the least of which is an elegant look that’s hard to beat. From there, it goes on to offer personality, a great lifespan, and more benefits than ever before. Even topics that use to place this material in an off-limits category for some has now become a feature that can draw homeowners instead.

Custom Carpet & Vinyl, located in Chesapeake, VA, is proud to serve the locations of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk. Offering a great selection of floor coverings, we also provide services that make choosing a new floor so much easier. Our friendly staff will be standing by to walk you through every step of your no-pressure flooring experience. Professional installers will take care of bringing that flooring to life in your home. We’ll even make sure that furniture is moved and your old flooring is removed. We’d love to discuss your specific project in greater detail, so be sure to stop by at your convenience so we can get started for you.

Carpet you can count on

Everyone has heard that carpet flooring is easy to stain and hard to clean. While that might have been true of some products in the past, it’s not as common these days. As more manufacturers create fibers with built-in stain resistance, we see fewer problems in this area. In fact, this kind of stain protection keeps stains from soaking in, where they can become permanent, and make your floors much easier to keep clean. The best part is that this protection doesn’t wash away that the chemicals you use to apply after installation.

For appearances, carpet has much to offer, including a variety of solid colors, patterns, designs, and fiber lengths that can really open up a world of customizable flooring. You can even use certain colors to offset the size of any particular room. Some colors make rooms appear larger and more open, while others pull everything together, creating a cozy atmosphere even in a larger space. The fact is, there’s no decor you won’t be able to match with this floor covering.

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