2021 waterproof flooring trends

Waterproof floors are some of the best options on the market today for your flooring, no matter what your requirements and preferences. But it’s also important to stay current with the latest trends, so today, we’re going to talk a bit about what you can expect from waterproof flooring trends.

Waterproof flooring options to keep you current

Even the shortest look at today’s waterproof flooring options will tell you which trends are the hottest and which ones are ongoing—for example, waterproof vinyl, especially the rigid core options in both plank and tile formats.

There is also a great variety in the trending colors for your waterproof flooring options, including light and gray and whitewashed and high-variations, especially in the plank wood-look formats. If you choose a large format or herringbone options, you'll only be adding more layers to what's hot this year.

Since both wood and stone looks are all the rage in 2021, you can’t go wrong with either appearance option. At the same time, decorative patterns and designs are just as acceptable, especially in areas where you’re looking to create a focal centerpiece for living rooms or foyers.
The best way to consider your waterproof flooring options is to see them in person. Be sure to visit us when it's convenient to find options that cater to your every need.

Choosing the best waterproof floors

Custom Carpet & Vinyl is a great place to begin your floor shopping experience, even if you're unsure about what you want precisely. Our associates can help alleviate options that do not match your requirements, saving you money and time during your flooring search.

From our Chesapeake, VA showroom location, we cater to communities like Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk, and we’d love to help you find the perfect flooring as well. When waterproof flooring options matter, we’re here to make sure you find the very best ones.