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What area rugs can do for a room

An area rug is a vital part of your interior design plan, whether it's anchoring a space or framing a seating, dining, or home office area. These rugs put the finishing touches on a room by drawing all the colors and elements together and adding texture, depth, color, and warmth. At Custom Carpet & Vinyl, we specialize in all-things-carpet, so when you see signage that says rugs for sale at our showroom, stop and explore this floor art.

Some things you can do the scatter rugs

1. Establish a color scheme. If you're starting with an empty room, pull a color or colors from the rug and design around it, coordinating with walls, upholstery, and accessories. Alternatively, if the room is already furnished, pull a color from that design plan to use for the rug. Layer rugs over a surface to add some vibrancy or calm a loud, too patterned area.

2. Section off an area of a room. This can be for a space to do homework or pay bills, a reading area, or even another bedroom/guest room. They also define, such as if you have a modern layout with one big room to house both the living and dining areas. One rug anchors the seating area while another one creates the dining space.

3. Create a rug for a special event. It can include messages, logos, or mascots. This is where our custom area rug services come in. We can help you create it, then take it to our binding department for finishing. Stock items come in standard colors and sizes, such as 5 by 7 rugs. If you fall in love with something and it doesn't fit, buy it anyway, and we'll cut and bind it.

How to position it

Ensure the rug is large enough to fit under all major furniture pieces, such as sofas, coffee and end tables, and dining tables-with-chairs, with a 12 to an 18-inch extension of bare floor sticking out. If that isn't possible, it's acceptable to anchor the two front legs, but still, make sure there's the extension. For bedrooms, you can always place two matching runners on each side of the bed.

At Custom Carpet & Vinyl, we're your one-stop source in the Coastal Virginia area. Besides custom area rugs and binding, we have an extensive inventory and a range of services that include hardwood refinishing, shower and tub surround, and more. Visit our showroom in Chesapeake, VA. for a free estimate. We work with homeowners and businesses in and around Chesapeake, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, Norfolk, VA, Portsmouth, VA and Suffolk, VA.

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